Mia Caporale

Mia grew up in Cincinnati, OH. Her childhood was anything but ordinary for the Midwest as her father and mother ran a production company specializing in large production film commercials.. She has 4 other highly creative sisters but none quite with Mia's zest for life. 

Mia landed her first acting role quite accidentally at the age of Four, a Huffy bicycle commercial. Although itl had been fully cast Mia had joined her parents for work that day. and she danced on the side lines while a group of 8 year old girls were writhing  in place to the music. The client thought Mia was so cute, he had her join the other older girls in the commercial. 

Mia  returned home and while working in retail fashion, she attended The University of Cincinnati majoring in painting in the prestigious DAAP program while waiting for a position to open up in the fashion department. Meanwhile she auditioned classes at the school's conservatory of music, including modern dance and opera, even repelling. But after 2 years she left her conventional education and moved to LA to pursue an acting career. She continues to study with Annie Grindlay.T

Through grade school Mia continued modeling, acting in school plays and local commercials, and competing in gymnastics. 

At age 14 she decided to get more involved in the production business, so she approached her dad to work as a production assistant and learn the the business. She watched and absorbed as her dad and his crew took her through all aspects of the production process. 

After that she proposed to her high school an independent study program for herself centered around film. On acceptance she traveled with her dad to Wilmington, NC to work on a film. Mia used her time off production to interview key personnel on shows and movies such as Dawson's creek, The YaYa Sisterhood, Domestic Disturbance and The Black Knight. She also worked in the local Wilmington theatre.

But on set, she was always happiest in front of the camera.

Mia's Short Biography